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A List of Lodges In Calgary

A List of Lodges In Calgary

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Canada Lodge No.165
A.F. "&" A.M.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Area Lodges

Regular Meeting of Phoenix District Lodges
Carstairs #20 2nd Thursday Crossfield Masonic Hall
King Hirum #21* 2nd Tuesday Didsbury Masonic Hall
Crossfield #48 2nd Tuesday Crossfield Masonic Hall
King George #59 2nd Friday King George Masonic Hall
Crescent #87 2nd Tuesday King George Masonic Hall
Concord #124 1st Saturday Free Masons Hall
Canada Lodge #165 2nd Wednesday King George Masonic Hall
Mosaic #176 * 3rd Wednesday Bowmont Masonic Hall
Loyalty #197 * 3rd Tuesday King George Masonic Hall
Airdrie Wild Rose 1st Tuesday Crossfield Masonic Hall
Regular Meetings of Other Calgary Lodges
Bow River #1 1st Wednesday Free Masons Hall
Perfection #9 * 3rd Tuesday Free Masons Hall
Cornerstone #19* 3rd Thursday High River Masonic Lodge
Corinthian #22* 1st Tuesday Okotoks Masonic Hall
Calgary #23 * 1st Friday Free Masons Hall
Ashlar #28 2nd Thursday Free Masons Hall
Gleichan #36 1st Tuesday King George Masonic Hall
King Solomon #41* 3rd Thursday Cochrane Masonic Lodge
Strathmore #53 3rd Monday Iricana Masonic Hall
Mt. Lebanon #54 * 2nd Tuesday Free Masons Hall
Zetland #83 1st Thursday Free Masons Hall
St. Marks #118 2nd Monday St. Marks
Rockyford #123 2nd Tuesday Bowmont
Renfrew #134 2nd Monday Free Masons Hall
Foothills Kelvin Grove #174 * 1st Thursday Bowmont
Elbow River #180 1st Tuesday Bowmont
Glenbow #184 1st Thursday St. Marks

King George Masonic Hall: 2323 Osborne Crescent, S.W.
Freemasons Hall: 330 - 12th Avenue, S.W.
St. Marks Masonic Hall: 612 - 14A Street, S.W.
Bowmont Masonic Hall: 7704 - 39th Avenue, N.W.